3 thoughts on “Maindee Festival – July 1st, 2017

  1. The hours that went into making the costumes. Lovely pics, lovely day. I hope the tradition continues. All the families envolved is the most positive outlook for the future. Well done. M


    • This was the 21st Maindee Festival, and we’ve been attending since around 2005. In the past few years, the festival has moved from the Rodney Parade ground into Maindee Primary School – which has a fantastic field and wooded area (considering it’s in the middle of a city).
      It is always such a lovely event, and a great community gathering. You do find people travelling in for the day – if not to perform music or poetry, then just visiting and experiencing the spirit and atmosphere. Great weather too! The parade always draws a crowd.

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      • Hi Mandy and Myk, Thanks for these lovely images, your warm comments and your tireless help on the day itself. If you would like to come to our evalution session (no date set) please mail our “office” (as if!) at festival@imaindee,org. All the best, John xx


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