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Barnabas signs higher

For those of you looking for something a little bit different, inspiring or relaxing you can’t go far wrong at Barnabas Arts House, New Ruperra Street, Newport.


We popped in yesterday to look at the current exhibition – ‘Newport Old and New’ – a collection of paintings and drawings of Newport by Gerard Whyman.

It’s a fantastic range of images of Newport done in a variety of mediums and over a long range of time. From ‘Clarence Quadrant’, circa 1986, to more recent depictions of ‘Cineworld Reflections’ (2017) and ‘Market Tower’ (2017). It’s well worth a visit… but hurry as it’s only there until 1st July 2017.

Other little gems we picked up on during our visit were the ‘Instead of an Egg’ scheme, which promotes a new way of living. It’s a branded area where a series of ‘deals’, ‘swaps’, ‘needs’ or ‘offers’ are posted.

Barnabas Instead of the Egg

The project does not deal with money but instead exchanges other currencies such as skills and ideas. It also promotes kindness, trust, creativity, friendship and communication.

The first site of ‘Instead of an Egg’ will be at Barnabas Arts House. Pop along and have a look! I’m already making my first creative contact from the project.

Barnabas small framed collection 3

Other initiatives include ‘Postcards From The Edge’, where you can buy a small frame for £5, then create and sell your own work. There is also a creative writing course, a books club, mindfulness sessions and theatre productions to name but a few.

Barnabas In case of emergency - breakdance

We also got to meet the Barnabas Crew – a group of local boys who come every Saturday and help keep the outside of the building tidy. Just like the ‘Instead of an Egg’ initiative, the Crew exchange their labour for cookies and a drink!

Barnabas Crew - cleaning outside

And of course there is the small café, so next time you meet with friends for coffee, why not try Barnabas Arts House and enjoy all the eclectic and creative art and ambiance in this gem of a place.

Barnabas Cafe area


Keep up to date with what is going on at:

Barnabas verical panoramic

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