Our Manifesto

This blog aims to use words and images of seemingly random snapshots of our multi-cultural urban City. A city whose landscape is scarred, post-industrial, changing and growing in ways we can no longer foresee. We will look for beauty, light and difference.

Sometimes the images and words will come together, other times separate; primarily in English, occasionally in Welsh.
The blog will be posted once a week. We will aim to post one blog a month for the first year, two blogs a month for the second year, three for the third and if we are still going by the fourth year we hope to have a post a week.

We are folks of this city. Myk has lived in this city for over 20 years now and Mandy arrived with the millennium. We work and raise our children here.
We are doing this because we see so many wonderful and eclectic things in this city that we wanted to share them.

I see Myk as a visual and audio creator of beauty and experimentation, who’s neglected his art of late. My hope is this blog gives him some creative and expressive outlet for the really inspirational, challenging and beautiful work I know he can create. I also love working with my husband.
Finally, Myk likes Paddington Bear, Datblygu, chips & fruity curry sauce, and visiting the

I see Mandy as a documentarian, an observer, a listener, but ultimately a communal being. Between war zones and new age villages, Mandy will adapt, without prejudice, and find the common good, but not suffer fools gladly – far from it. She enjoys walking, running, MIIB, Gorecki, cats, snow and finds tranquility visiting Flat Iron Copse.
She must be mad to live here, but at least she lives with the majority of the city that is also mad – and far from pretentious.

We will have the occasional teenage guest blogger, our very own Dylan Thomas. He’s a little moody, into gaming ,very funny and talks about things we know little of, such as ‘vines’ and ‘snapchat’.
He likes going to theme parks, pancakes with Nutella, climbing through caves and Marvel Superheroes.
If he’s in the right mood he may share his humour, his photographs and very unique perspective on this city of Newport.


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