I Hear You on the Wind

Blustered to life by the North wind

Through snows to the infirmary,

Carried home to crumbling cottage

Matchstick spinning top memory.


Ruffled though hand-me-downs

With siblings five plus eleven,

Held on tight to infant brother

Lying cold in unmarked heaven.


Veered on by the South winds

Dance Dave Clarke Rolling Stone,

It was but just a grain drop

As sands blew away from home.


Gentle swaying warm currents

Saplings soft in the warm breeze,

Toiling away in dirt and dust

Whilst your babies grew into trees.


Squally East winds batter

Dark waves crashing out the light,

Shouting silently upon the rocks

Downing into the starless black night.


Leaving them all leaving me

Down and down and swallow,

Only one way to deal with the pain

Sup, forget, pity and wallow.


Fresh blew the West wind then

And once more for a beat you were here,

Like trails of the prey bird flying

We held you close, we held you dear.


But you swooped on the current passing

Alighted on wings wide and strong,

You soared upon sunset magnificent

Leaving only the sweet echo of song.


At schoolMandy and dad at Bristol Zoowith cigaretteon train


Ronald Bernard Carpenter, April 25th 1947 – April 26th 2016.

Remembering on Father’s Day. 


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