The Bridges of Newport County, Part Two: City Bridge

MB profile from distance

Built in 2004, not long after Newport received its city status; this bow-string, tied arch bridge spans 200 metres across the river Usk. The second most southerly bridge in Newport, it forms part of the A48 ‘SDR’ (Southern Distributor Road).

Constructed from steel in two main sections, each half sent out across the river (initially on temporary piers) to meet in the middle. From there, a 680 tonne centre piece was jacked up into place and welded together. The silver-grey, cambered arches are iconic, and at night feature deck-level (i.e. road) uplighting, giving yellow hotspots under the overhead steel arms. On either end, high up on the cross bars, the emblem for the Arms of Newport City Council can be seen.

The bridge travels past the tiny wilderness of ‘Monkey Island’ on the north east, and over Kingfisher Walk, below and to the east. A symbol of both unity and regeneration, the City bridge links more southerly areas of Newport, making journeys from Spytty to Pillgwenlly in around 5 minutes.




MB profile from distance with moon

3 thoughts on “The Bridges of Newport County, Part Two: City Bridge

  1. How interesting to read about how this bridge was constructed ,amazing.The photographs were brilliant too they seem to show what a brilliant piece of engineering this is. I love the shot of the moon in the sky ,beautiful.


    • Thanks for the feedback, always appreciated as you know. It’s a still a fairly new bridge, in terms of bridge years, so we are still getting use to it. It’s not my favorite one (that’s the next one!) but I run over it most weeks and have seen the Red Arrows do a fly over from it (for the Ryder Cup) and saw the British cycling team whizz over early one morning practicing for the London Olympics (they have a big velodrome not so far from the bridge).

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  2. It’s a fine bridge and asset to the city. I walked over it last year and was quite lost with all the development on the north side. The photos are great, especially the night ones. M

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