Mae’n Braf yn yr Haf

Yma ‘waith eto, galwad y tymor

Sain adar bach, yr awyr iach

Gadael y gwaith, cwymp ar y traeth

Cŵn mewn ceir, wrth y môr fel aur

Cathod a’u flew, yn creu olew

Yn ysu cysgodi, y gwynt yn cyflymu

Pob liw o wyrdd, dan golau’r tywydd

Bwydo’r tir, yr haul ddi-ri

Usk Way footbridgeRiver sideRiver towards town bridge


3 thoughts on “Mae’n Braf yn yr Haf

  1. 4 Magpies quarrelling today in the gardens, you know it’s the busy season for birds and all creatures great and small. The colours of all the trees with there different blossoms, a pleasure to see. Who can ignore all this!.M


  2. A rough translation…

    Here one more, the call of the season

    The sounds of small birds, the fresh air

    Leaving work behind, to slouch on the beach

    Dogs in cars, by the golden sea

    Cats’ fur, making oils

    Longing for shadows, the wind quickens

    Each color of green, under the weather’s light

    Feeding the ground, the sun

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