Fish & Chips

For several years, we used to go and get our fish and chip suppers from John’s Fish Bar on Cardiff Road. They were lovely chips, always cooked just right, never underdone or fatty. John and his wife, who cooked and served us, were always chatty.

They were from a large Italian family that had made Newport their home, with several of the family opening fish and chips shops in Newport and the surrounding area.

John’s Fish Bar was a delight to visit. From the classic fryer, potato splicer and cash register; through to the posters, illuminated signage, fishtank and framed photographs.

Then in autumn 2014 we found out they were selling up, as they wanted to retire. After serving fish and chips for over forty years, they felt it was time for a rest, and perhaps someone to serve them!

I still think about their fish and chip shop: the happy greetings, the lovely smell, the comfortable decor and of course – those yummy chips!

We were around the last week they were open and took some photos.









4 thoughts on “Fish & Chips

  1. Yup – remember this shop – only been in there once. To order 7 portions of chips for migrants who sought a bit of normality, warmth and food at the International Drop-in from N&DRSG after their gang master had dumped them in Newport…. without the money they’d earned for the last few weeks of course 😦
    When I explained who they were for, a generous free portion was added, as well as some fish if I remember right!

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    • That’s a sad and nice story at the same time Emmy. Little kindness go such a long way. A smile when your fed up, someone letting you out in traffic, a thank you, a free bag of chips…. can change the course of a someones day.


  2. Another John has had a fish and chip bar in Maindee for decades, a true part of the community. Last month he retired so that he too can go back to Italy. I do hope someone took photographs . These shops and their dedicated owners are a so valuable .


  3. Yes Trish, they were cousins! I hope very much someone also took some pictures of the shop. I think they have such character and sadly a lot of these type of shops are shutting. Thank goodness for Vacara’s fish and chip shop! Another iconic Newport institute.


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