Newport. Open for Beauty

Newport - Open For Beauty

What do we see? The beauty or the danger?

Do we open ourselves to what could be,

or keep away for fear of the unknown.

Do we embrace the new,

or do we add it to our chores.

Do we travel our own path, stopping for others,

or do we hide within, awaiting the signs.

Do we allow ourselves to be fenced in, or worse – fence ourselves in,

or do we see the invisible bars and pass through them.

Amidst this Brexit-limbo, governed by this Welsh Assembly, within this teenage city.

Treat it as though it needs love. Help it as it needs our support.

This is no virtual playground.

No theatre piece, nor painting.

Learn to hear the dischordant tones and listen to the voiceless.

Learn to see the darkness – from which light comes.

Build the community – even though it can be cold, brutal and hard.


What do YOU see? The beauty or the danger? … maybe both.

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