Maindee Christmas Market

Maindee Xmas Market - site from road

On Saturday 2nd December, there was something different to be seen down at Maindee car park. Instead of rows of vehicles, the area had been transformed into the ‘Maindee Village Xmas Market’.

Maindee Xmas Market sign

As you entered the market, Santa’s Grotto greeted you to the left, and to right – a stall selling Christmas cake; and further on – Newport City Radio had a number of performers providing entertainment for the festive visitors.

Dogs were to be seen, looking slightly bemused at the activities… possibly due to the appearance of a large, green Teletubby!

Maindee Xmas Market - stall and teletubby

Some of the many stalls…

4 thoughts on “Maindee Christmas Market

  1. It’s always nice to see the local people giving up their time for charity or just to get together. So relaxed compared to the over crowded shops, with the ‘Spend, Spend’

    Christmas comes but once a year, so let’s enjoy with peace, love and cheer!


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