Llanwern Hill Circular Walk


Today, we went on a lovely walk. The weather was fairly cold, but dry. The sky was cloudy, but blue sky could be seen here and there.

The walk is just over 3 miles (5 km) and starts in the small village of Bishton, a few miles east of the city of Newport. It’s a very peaceful walk, as you don’t go past many residential areas, and it’s not really used by dog-walkers. The sound of the M4 motorway in the distance is a constant reminder that you are not far away from the 21st century.

Here are some photographs we took whilst on our walk…


Looking north, towards Langstone. Underwood village can be seen on the right-hand side of the photograph.IMG_3326


The walk takes you over many stiles, through gates, and across fields.

A number of those fields include cows, sheep… and friendly horses. Luckily, we had packed a few apples!


We passed the Church of Saint Mary (left), which is close to Llanwern village.

The walk began, and ended, at Saint Cadwaladr’s Church (right), in the small village of Bishton – close to the main railway track and opposite the Llanwern steel works site.

Trains would pass frequently, on their way to and from London, or Swansea.


This is the view of Saint Cadwaladr’s Church from the starting and end point of the walk.


Speaking of trains…


Amazing light in the afternoon sky…


This is the official Newport City Council walking guide for more information:


6 thoughts on “Llanwern Hill Circular Walk

    • It’s worth the effort – even in the cold, when you want to stay warm by the fire, getting out and moving is good for the soul I think and you also have the fire to look forward to returning to – with very muddy boots 🙂


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