St Woolos Cathedral

St Woolos - ext gate

The original church dates back as far as 500, with a stone structure built around 800. The tower and aisles were built in the 15th century, with a full restoration in 1853. The church gained full Cathedral status in 1949. More recently, in 2011, the Cathedral had a roof renovation.

St Woolos - ext sign

The name “Woolos” is an English word derived from Gwynllyw, the 5th-century Welsh saint who first founded a religious establishment on the site.

The Tower, bright interior aisle and wonderful renovated roof


The Cathedral noticeboard and quarterly newsletter


Last weekend, the Cathedral welcomed all as part of an open day – one of the highlights being a tour of the Tower, including a stone spiral staircase, bell-ringing room, and a walk out onto the roof (between heavy showers!). The views of the city are truly stunning, regardless of the weather!

St Woolos - looking down east

A view from the top of the Tower, looking east towards George Street bridge

(those heavy, dark rain clouds looming in the distance)


Transporter bridge, City bridge and George Street bridge


Royal Gwent Hospital, the top of Stow Hill, towards High Street, and the Civic Centre

6 thoughts on “St Woolos Cathedral

  1. You certainly take wonderful pictures and the views from the church tower are great. We have not had good weather, but you managed to do us proud!! M


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