The King’s Arms

Kings Arms - 2008

133 Commercial Road, Pillgwenlly, Newport, circa 2008.

Built around 1830, and rebuilt in 1890, the pub eventually closed around the mid-1990s. Following much vandalism and fires – one of the last being in 2012, the building was demolished in the summer of 2015, and affordable housing built and managed by the Seren Group.

As with many of the pubs in Newport, and indeed the rest of the UK, the larger buildings are being lost due to dereliction and fueled by arson. The King’s Arms represented one of Newport’s larger buildings, and served as a hotel at one point, much as others did around the town (The King’s Arms closed a few years prior to Newport receiving its city status).




133 Commercial Road as of 2018


133 Commercial Road as it looks today.

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