Too Hot to Trot!

This week, as the temperatures have been rising, we’ve noticed our animal friends and how they cope in this hot weather. 

We come across horses searching for shade, pigeons bathing in cool water, swans on the canal, man’s best friend (Ronnie) resting on the cool floor of the woods, and our feline friends – who I might hasten to add seem to actively seek the sun, lying in the warmest spots and only occasional seeking shade!


3 thoughts on “Too Hot to Trot!

  1. ‘Breadsticks’ will now be our new name for Samson 😉
    He’s a very naughty cat. He will cross the busy road in the morning, to catch the sunlight opposite. Then late afternoon, as the sunlight has moved around to the front of of house, he will run over the busy road to bask in the remaining rays.

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