Pont Droed y Mileniwm

Millennium Footbridge


Yr arch bwa wedi ei hongian

Taith gerdded strôbus ar draws arian gwlyb.

Rhith optegol i yrwyr sy’n pasio i’r de

Cyrchiad o gliter ar draws yr afon.


Man canolwg ar gyfer y ddinas

Gan pontio Rodney Parade gyda Friars Walk,

Ymhellach, o Heol Corporation Road i Stryd Siarls.

Ffocws hyd hyn ar gyfer tân gwyllt, artistiaid trapeze a gwyl y golau.

6 thoughts on “Pont Droed y Mileniwm

  1. Symmetrics and colours compliment each other in this photograph and make it more interesting the longer you look at it . In it,s own way it,s both plain but alluring at the same time.


    • It’s one of those functional yet contemporary works of architecture that is plain in colour – made only of white and silver; yet in the rain, and at night, you see shimmering light coupled with deep, rich blacks. It’s well worth viewing the bridge from a journey across George Street bridge (as a passenger, of course!).


  2. Wow!…… beautiful picture – love it!! Certainly don’t think it’s plain! Pity my (absence of a) level of Welsh doesn’t allow me to understand the poem.


    • Glad you like it. It’s very easy to dismiss modern bridges, but they are both ‘of their time’ and symbolic of crossing. A journey possibly. The Welsh prose is an attempt to put the picture into words.


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