Story Telling at the Pen & Wig

Once a month we hope to bring you something a little bit different. By different we mean an event or happening that occurred in Newport at a community level.

This could be anything from a local shop opening (or closing), a music or art event, car boot or jumble sale, or a picnic in the park.

So this week we kick it off with a Story Telling Night event held at the Pen and Wig on Thursday.

The event was organised by local group Reality Theatre and organiser Julie Benson told us ‘tonight is the first of many story telling events to be held at the Pen & Wig.’ She went on to explain that they were looking for people who either want to have their short written pieces read to an audience, or folks who would like to perform, play music, or read poetry! Anything as long as it has a storytelling element. ‘It’s a scratch night for story tellers’ she enthused, ‘get your work read to a local audience and receive feedback.’ This was an excellent idea, and on each of the tables was a feedback form, where we could leave anonymous feedback (or with our names scribed, if you were feeling brave) for the work of the evening.

The next event is the 27th April, and will be an open event. Watch out for the ones after, as they will be themed!

Get writing! Or if you want to get involved in other ways contact Julie at



‘School Sucks’.

A humourous piece dedicated to all those who have tried teaching a class of teenagers.






Daisy Blue performed with ukelele, electro-acoustic guitar and foot tambourine.



Two teenagers talk about their failed love lives, families and expectations.



A quirky response to a ex-employer’s poor management.




A passionate monologue in response to Obamacare.



A ghostly Jackanory. A reading of the prologue to ‘The Right Hand of God’.



Ian finishes off the evening with songs about Newport.


4 thoughts on “Story Telling at the Pen & Wig

  1. Good photos of an event I saw and was interested in , but time clashed with I START Drop in. It looks to have been a good night. Trish


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