We humans make a lot of rubbish.  I walk a lot around Newport and I’m often surprised by the type of rubbish I come across.

Some intrigue me, like the suitcase. Who did it belong to? Where did it travel?

But most of what I see makes me sad. I imagine the toys when they were new and loved, and wonder if they are missed…

Rubbish - chair and rocking horse 2Rubbish - chair and rocking horse 1Rubbish - chairRubbish - rocking horseRubbish - misc 2Rubbish - misc 1Rubbish - LEGO piecesRubbish - broken action figureRubbish - toy car 2Rubbish - case

5 thoughts on “Rubbish

  1. I am old enough to remember the Rag ‘n’ Bone man. He would travel around the streets with an open cart and a horse, with its bag of hay.

    There was no rubbish on the streets, we knew he was about by his calls. Out would come the rubbish, which to him was treasure, his living.

    How things have changed, not treasured, but, discarded, for something new, for how long!!


  2. It says something when these objects become normal and we begin to ignore them, possibly like many other aspects of life that many become desensitised towards. Maybe we can judge our society by its many extremes. The financial wealth of the visually ‘clean’ can fuel just as much as anger, even more. A broken community will show signs of fault.


  3. Sad; some of the ‘rubbish’ could be re-used – why not give it away instead of throwing it away? Also a sign of not-so-good functioning community…. there are a variety of reasons why we often hardly know and engage with our neighbours, let alone with others in the street or area where we live. Sometimes I think not much as changed since victorian times – with the difference that capitalism and capitalists have cleverly managed to make us slaves of our ‘needs’ – increasing / changing needs created by people who want to earn more money than the milions they already posses – and many of us work to produce, transport, sell, insure and eventually collect/discard the no-longer items…….


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