Motorway and Meadows

One thing about walking in, or around, a city is the wonder of finding something new.

A recent discovery of ours was just a few minutes from our home. A walk which not only is good for exercise (due to the odd steep slope) but also takes you under the M4 motorway – within inches of the road, through a cemetery and down into a wonderful meadow, as part of St Julian’s Park.

old map

Walking directions (less steep option):


Start outside the Beaufort Centre on Beaufort Road, in the St Julian’s area of Newport.

Cross over the road, and head south a few hundred yards, towards the M4 motorway bridge, but take the last left before the motorway bridge, onto Sutherland Crescent.

Carry on down this road, and you can either take the footpath to the right, up onto Vermeer Crescent, or at the end of Sutherland Crescent, turn right onto Munnings Drive.

Either of these routes will take you onto Sickert Close. At the end of this short road, you will come to a public footpath, which takes you into a wooded area, and then down under the M4 motorway (literally less than a few feet above your head!).

M4 motorway underpass
As you come out the other side of the motorway underpass, turn left (heading east) along the long, narrow field, which slopes, facing the motorway.

At the end of this field, you will see a footbridge over the motorway which leads into the south-west corner of Christchurch cemetery.

Western edge of Christchurch cemetery

Walk across the western edge of the cemetery until you see a stile. Cross over this and walk down a wide grassed path.

slope down into St Julian's Park meadow

This is part of St Julian’s Park. After a short time you will come to a slight fork in the path. Take the left turn and head down another slope, this time much narrower (the St Julian Inn on Caerleon Road is ahead of you). This takes you down into a meadow.

tall trees in meadow

When the slope eases off, you’ll see another slope in front, rising back up towards St Julians. Take this route will take you through a small wooded area, across a stream, and then up a steep slope. You will come out at the top, between Piper Close or Renoir Road. You are now opposite St Julian’s Primary School, next to the Beaufort Centre.

6 thoughts on “Motorway and Meadows

  1. I will explore that area, with your map in hand, when I am next in Newport. I nice walk for a warm day, especially this time of years. M


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