Kemeys Inferior

We walked the Kemeys Inferior woods yesterday, near Coed-y-Caerau. The woods are towards the east of the city, situated on a quiet, dead-end track, set up in the hills, not far from Langstone or Caerleon. The weather was overcast and windy. As we drove up to the woods, the quiet road suddenly became very dark. We walked amongst the trees and it felt like stepping back in time. A place where no man and few beasts have ever gone. The trees rustled over head. The paths were untrod and only the sounds of the wind were heard. If Arthur Pendragon or Samwise Gamgee had walked past us, it would not have been a surprise!

path talllight through treestree trunks

light through leaves

tree large rootsfields through treeshorses in fieldfields

vale of Usk wide

If you like trees, check out our little video Trees of Tranquility here:


6 thoughts on “Kemeys Inferior

  1. More like a wnter’s day, if it was not for all the leaves. The darkness and then coming out into the light again with the field. You captured the sounds so will on the video.

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